the website is live!

plus a giveaway and some ideas i have kicking around

hello all!

we’re still currently closed for new orders (but we open back up on november 3rd!). HOWEVER, i wanted to give everyone else who, like me, loves perusing a menu before going somewhere a chance to look everything over and decide what sounds perfect for the holidays. so the website is live as of this moment.

if you sign up for the newsletter within the first couple weeks (now until november 14th) you’ll be entered into a drawing to have a dozen cookies mailed your way.

if you live locally, i have some cool limited time only (?) pie options coming up for the holiday season. i’m also kicking around the idea of a pear and rum raisin tart with frangipane, so if that sounds like an ideal holiday treat for you, just let me know and we can work something out. i’ve also been thinking about a parsnip spice cake, but who’s to say what will happen with that.

thanks everyone for your support and love!

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