12/9/2020 – holiday cookie class at the good acre!

reserve your spot now, because it’s sure to be zoom-tacular

as thanksgiving looms, the babe in the woods kitchen is bustling with cloudy plumes of powdered sugar, the warm mysterious depths of browning butter and cinnamon, and shaggy confetti flecks of buttery pie crust.

my first holiday season isn’t without its challenges in the kitchen, but it’s been empowering and inspiring to work with people to help their loved ones enjoy a special moment of sweetness. if you’ve been thinking of sending cookies to your safely distanced loved ones, my holiday shipping schedule is posted and i’d be happy to work with you to make something special!

i’m also honored to announce that my friends at the good acre will be hosting me on wednesday, december 9th for a zoom baking class all about cookies! if you wanted to take the baking into your own hands this holiday season, i’ll be walking you through my double chocolate crinkle cookies and gluten-free jam thumbprints so you can bring that magic into your own kitchen. although the class is free, you can optionally purchase a $15 gift certificate good for a future order from babe in the woods! or certificates…. who am i to stop you?

for those of you who knew me in a past life when i was helping the good acre put on cooking classes in their maker kitchen, this zoom reunion is a beautiful callback of the past intertwining with the journeys of the present. after leaving restaurants, i was on a personal mission, looking for work that felt more sustainable and significant in the larger scheme of minnesota’s local food systems. enter the good acre: a non-profit food hub offering grower support and an organic warehouse to BIPOC farmers, and housing small businesses within a shared maker’s kitchen. to keep this brief, i can say we really do so much more than that, and every day i am honored to be a part of something so great as both the kitchen coordinator and a hopeful maker-to-be myself.

you can reserve your space for the zoom event here. all participants will receive a copy of the two recipes featured that evening.

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