the joy of mutual aid

15% of profits this month going to ZACAH

hey pals!

i’m writing today to touch on a subject near and dear to my heart: mutual aid.

i’ve always been of the mind that we all go farther together, when we can pool our abilities, ideas, and share what we have in order to make sure that others have more. this is an idea that i think can use a lot of refinement coming from me: it’s something I feel really strongly about, but a lot of other people have said it better, so i won’t expound on it too much.

on a personal level, i’ve been working regularly to make mutual aid a recurring practice in my daily life, something about which i often prosthelytize to others. i’ve been racking my brain to try and figure out how best to translate this to babe in the woods, and have decided that every month, 15% of profits (to be clear, that is: what’s coming in that i’m not already spending on shipping, ingredients, packaging, and labor) will go to a rotating twin cities area mutual aid organization. i’ll be happy to provide receipts, and will make it a practice to update people on the organization we’ll be supporting every month, so your dollars can go towards what you care about, too.

this month, because it’s december and cold as shit outside, we’ll be sending a portion of profits over to ZACAH, a twin cities organization that provides hotel rooms to houseless people. because of their ongoing need, i’ll be making weekly donations based on sales through the end of the year.

if you’re able, i strongly encourage you to make mutual aid a recurring practice in your life. this doesn’t have to look like money: there are so many ways we can be available to our communities. but just a little of what we can give freely and regularly can make a positive impact for so many people.

stay warm out there pals, and i hope to bake for you soon.


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