january profit sharing: east phillips urban farm!

after a week of rest to ring in the new year, i wanted to highlight the profit-share community aid for the month of january.

although the earth is still blanketed in snow, daylight is still brief, and our bodies are still inclined towards rest, the farming community is called at this time towards planning, sowing, and preparing. east phillips urban farm is an amazing project in south minneapolis that needs our support so they can fight for access to their community’s rightful land and repurpose it into a truly beneficial neighborhood hub, creating jobs, fighting local pollution, and feeding the community of south minneapolis.

15% of profits for the month of january will go towards their gofundme so they can keep up the good fight! if you want a little sweet treat to ease the doldrums of cold weather, now’s a great time as my books are wide open.

find the east phillips urban farm gofundme here for more information about their misson and current work.

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