valentine’s cookie boxes

from your secret admirer!

oh boy. valentine’s day is reminiscent of such a special time in my life.

my mom used to make us little surprise boxes of various treats and gifts the morning of. mine almost always included, among other things, a little box of cordial cherries, which remain holy to me as an unbeatable gift, the perfect bite of chocolate, fondant, and cherry (and a good lead-up to easter, where my favorite dark horse of the candy world, the cadbury egg, makes its once-a-year debut).

i also, in classic scorpio fashion, love the idea of the secret admirer, someone who sees you through the honey-colored lens of love and whispers encouragements to you to keep going, continue on, bloom and blossom no matter what.

though many years have passed since my own lovely memories, i think that valentine’s day remains special in its ability to make anyone at all feel special with the kind of magic that can only be attributed to longer days of sunshine as the air shakes off the heavy torpor of winter.

with that, i wanted to present a little box of cookies that you can give to anyone at all as a little note that you are thinking of them.

each box contains:
5 golden milk cookies with royal icing
5 black cocoa rose sables
5 raspberry sumac shortbread with a little fresh thyme
and a little heart-shaped note, “from your secret admirer”

please note that the note cannot be customized for this one due to the size of the paper, and that the cookies do all contain wheat, egg, and dairy–but if there is a significant interest in this, i will be happy to workshop some vegan and gluten free alternatives for next year.

these boxes will retail for $16 and are available for local pick-up and delivery as well as nationwide shipping, but there are a limited number of boxes available–so if you are interested, please place your order as soon as possible!

nationwide shipping orders must be placed by 2/05 in order to guarantee shipment on 2/08 or 2/09, arriving before valentine’s day. local orders must be placed by 2/10 to arrive on (or before) 2/14!

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