babe in the woods?? who the heck is that???

a big dream of a tiny bakery

my name is sadie and i am the founder of babe in the woods baking co. in general, i am terrible about talking about myself, but i figured why not give this a shot anyway?

after bouncing around texas and ohio, i moved to minneapolis in 2009. i started work in various kitchens after setting my heart on professional baking and cooking. to be honest, if you’re someone who loves food and lives in the twin cities, the odds are high that i have cooked for you at some point!

after opening a few new restaurants, and either starting as, or moving up within them as sous chef in the last few years, i took a step back from the restaurant industry as a whole to prioritize my own health. i dreamed of a better world in food service where we aren’t tied to chef culture: grueling hours, poor working conditions, divisive kitchen environments. i decry the institutions of this culture which do nothing to honor the everyday truth of the collective workers, only the individuals at the top. i wish for food that is at once magical, imaginative, and accessible. i believe in a food community where we can share many stories from many tables as one, experiment with classic flavors and inventive twists, and at the same time, pool our resources to help many others succeed.

although i have always been a stringent by-the-books craftsman, one of my food inspirations in the city told me that it was important to tell my own story with food. i wondered what that would look like? the welcoming classics that i grew up with, but with a twist on each, in the unique and beautiful way that the restaurant world acknowledges what is possible in food. in 2020, i finally started scribbling down, and actually trying, all of the ideas that i’ve had percolating in my head the last few years. to my delight, friends jumped at the chance to finally try ideas that i had been talking about (and tweeting about) incessantly for years.

the fool, the first card in the major arcana, tells of the beginning of a journey: we must proceed with our eyes and hearts open with the boundless love of something new. our minds must be full of the uncharted possibilities of the beginner, and not already tempered to the rules and limitations that experience brings.

for me, food is a magical intersection of possibility between art, tradition, and science. what could this new adventure look like, if we reimagine the space where we come together to celebrate our joys? and so, babe in the woods was born!

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