babe in the woods 1/23/21 menu

What’s new and seasonal? Secret Admirer Valentine’s Box – $16 – ships 2/8 and 2/9! Contains five each of: Black cocoa rose sables Raspberry sumac shortbread with thyme Golden milk cookies with royal icing A little note, “from your secret admirer” Please note, no customizations or substitutions for this box. All cookies contain gluten, dairy,Continue reading “babe in the woods 1/23/21 menu”

valentine’s cookie boxes

from your secret admirer! oh boy. valentine’s day is reminiscent of such a special time in my life. my mom used to make us little surprise boxes of various treats and gifts the morning of. mine almost always included, among other things, a little box of cordial cherries, which remain holy to me as anContinue reading “valentine’s cookie boxes”

january profit sharing: east phillips urban farm!

after a week of rest to ring in the new year, i wanted to highlight the profit-share community aid for the month of january. although the earth is still blanketed in snow, daylight is still brief, and our bodies are still inclined towards rest, the farming community is called at this time towards planning, sowing,Continue reading “january profit sharing: east phillips urban farm!”

the joy of mutual aid

15% of profits this month going to ZACAH hey pals! i’m writing today to touch on a subject near and dear to my heart: mutual aid. i’ve always been of the mind that we all go farther together, when we can pool our abilities, ideas, and share what we have in order to make sureContinue reading “the joy of mutual aid”

12/9/2020 – holiday cookie class at the good acre!

reserve your spot now, because it’s sure to be zoom-tacular as thanksgiving looms, the babe in the woods kitchen is bustling with cloudy plumes of powdered sugar, the warm mysterious depths of browning butter and cinnamon, and shaggy confetti flecks of buttery pie crust. my first holiday season isn’t without its challenges in the kitchen,Continue reading “12/9/2020 – holiday cookie class at the good acre!”

end of 2020 shipping schedule

ugh! i can’t believe i’m even typing those words local friends, don’t forget that the last day you can place an order for thanksgiving pickup is this sunday, 11/22. pickup on wednesday, 11/25! if you wanna get cookies shipped at some point during the end of the year, here is the schedule i’m working withContinue reading “end of 2020 shipping schedule”

the website is live!

plus a giveaway and some ideas i have kicking around hello all! we’re still currently closed for new orders (but we open back up on november 3rd!). HOWEVER, i wanted to give everyone else who, like me, loves perusing a menu before going somewhere a chance to look everything over and decide what sounds perfectContinue reading “the website is live!”

Babe in the Woods 11/03/20 Menu

new fall/winter menu offerings available! Holiday Offerings ($15/half dozen // $30/dozen)🞄 Seeded Tahini Sables with Chocolate – crispy corn sable cookies with tahini and buckwheat, topped with pumpkin, sesame and poppy seeds, and dipped in a little 70% chocolate. (dozens only on this one please)🞄 Raspberry Sumac Snickerdoodles – the traditional snickerdoodle’s cool best friend.🞄Continue reading “Babe in the Woods 11/03/20 Menu”

what’s new?

WOAH! i have been whipping up a storm over here… trying to figure out new holiday boxes for your shipping delights! so far, here are my offerings: shippable cookie boxes – $30 for a dozen mini cookies🞄 classics holiday box – pistachio white chocolate chip, black pepper vanilla shortbread, stay salty pretzel bittersweet chocolate, doubleContinue reading “what’s new?”

Babe in the Woods 8/9/20 Menu

Cookies – ($15/half dozen // $30/dozen)• Pistachio White Chocolate – notes of olive oil and lemon to brighten up this nutty cookie! (contains tree nuts)• Morning After Pretzel and Bittersweet Chocolate – contains coconut and a smidge of coffee (contains coconut)• Vanilla Black Pepper Shortbread – perfect with a cup of coffee or tea• DoubleContinue reading “Babe in the Woods 8/9/20 Menu”

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