Frequently Asked Questions

Babe in the Woods is on a short summer break through June! We’ll be back in the middle of July.

if a question you find that you may have isn’t listed here, please feel free to contact me at the link below.

everything you ever wanted to know about babe in the woods!

how does shipping work?

shipping is priority mail through our dearly beloved USPS. shipping costs an extra $8-$22 per package depending on your proximity and order size! don’t be afraid to reach out, we can figure out a shipping option that works best for you if you need to receive them sooner. i ship packages on mondays and tuesdays, and will update you with a tracking number once your package is on its way to you. if USPS in your area is unreliable, please let me know in advance so we can arrange for alternate shipping (subject to cost).

how do local orders work?

no contact pick-up is available in lowry hill or i do offer no contact delivery (left right outside your door) within a 5 mile radius with a small extra fee! orders are scheduled for a 2 hour window between 10am-6pm. if you need your goodies in a time that falls outside this window, let me know!

oh no! i want to add on to my order!

that’s great! as long as it’s 48 hours before your order is set to go out, i’m super happy to add on items to your order. items added on under the 48 hour window may be subject to a rush fee, or not able to be added on at this time.

oh no! there was a problem in transit.

if there’s ever an issue with your package (where it arrives deeply damaged, appears tampered with, or does not arrive at all), email me for a full replacement or refund, whichever you prefer! i update you once your package ships with your USPS tracking number and your package is insured for the cost of your order. obviously in transit a couple cookies here and there may break, despite my diligence in packing. this does happen, but if it’s an issue for you please bear it in mind before you place an order.

how do you accept payment?

i accept electronic payment through paypal, venmo, cashapp, or zelle. just let me know what works best for you when we confirm your order and we can go from there! at this time, i cannot accept payment until i have confirmed an order.

what if i need to cancel my order?

if you realize you need to cancel (or reschedule) your order within 48 hours of it going out, contact me for a refund or a rescheduled order date. i’m just one human baking all of these goodies, so in the event that you need to cancel your order with less than 48 hour notice, unfortunately i cannot process a refund for you at this time.

what about covid-19?

i am taking personal precautions to keep myself and your food safe from the spread of covid-19. besides preferring electronic payment and no contact pick-up and delivery, i work in a facility with a very limited number of people allowed in at one time. i also wear PPE when packaging and shipping your order. in the event that i experience symptoms of covid or test positive, i will refund or reschedule all orders until a negative test result comes back and i feel safe baking for everyone again.

i’m allergic to something. can i still order?

please let me know about any allergies or sensitivities you might have when you place your order! i understand the importance of working with food allergens, have worked with them for a long time throughout my career, and take this very seriously. at this time, ingredients are stored separately with awareness towards storing allergens away from each other, BUT cross contamination may inadvertently occur due to the size of the kitchen and other items being stored here. so sorry pals, but if an allergy is very severe, i unfortunately may have to cancel your order at this time.

can i order a mixed half dozen? what about a bunch of different cookies that adds up to a dozen?

unfortunately for now i cannot offer mixed half dozens or a dozen cookies that you have selected out of the flavors you prefer. mixed varieties are chef’s choice, which is part of the fun–and i promise that the cookies freeze well too, if you end up ordering a little extra! if you need to specify that your mixed dozen contains an allergy, sensitivity or preference, let me know and i can craft something around those specifications.

i really liked this thing you used to do and i don’t see it on the menu anymore! can you still make it?

i can and will! i’m so happy to do commissions and bring back old menu items if you’re ever missing something you fell in love with that’s no longer available. please be aware that there may be a small extra fee for commissions.

have any questions about ingredients or allergens?

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